Adobe Illustrator is the vector drawing application within Creative Suite. Its’ core function is the generation of hard-edged vector graphics. Using Illustrator you can draw a diversity of imagery from illustrations, maps, diagrams to logos and graphics. Imagination is the limit. Adobe Illustrator can be used to create for print, new media and websites (including simple animation). Illustrator fits seamlessly within Creative Suite and shares similar tool sets.

You don’t have to have used Adobe Illustrator before signing up for a training course. The only prerequisite would be that you are a competent computer user (ie. can use a mouse, know how to open, save and copy files, switch between applications).

Artistic skills are not a prerequisite, but would be advantageous, as would an eye for detail. You will learn how to use the software to illustrate layout artwork, along with lots of production and design tips.

Illustrator CS4 course guide