House Style

Occasionally, a job presents itself that offers an open and creative brief. The initial brief for this work was to create a monthly web page header illustration for a property website. The illustration is to use “bright pastel” colours and is required to show their stylish new houses. One additional requirement was to add the clients corporate red to the illustration, somewhere. The brief was pretty open.









Initial sketches have been drawn on paper (left) or on the iPad (right) using Adobe Ideas. These have been scanned or opened in Illustrator to act as a drawing template. Once in Adobe Illustrator, the illustrations have been created in ‘layers‘ for greater control. These images can then either be ‘saved for web‘ (jpg, png, gif) or ‘exported‘ out as a layered ‘Photoshop’ file for further work. 

Adobe Illustrator is the best choice, in this case, for simple drawing and transformations (scale, reflect, rotate and shear). I have used the Illustrator ‘create guide‘ and ‘smart guide‘ features in this drawing. Illustrator also offers a remarkable ‘edit colours‘ feature, which has proved very useful when adjusting colours throughout an image (variations shown below).

Adobe Illustrator illustration06-illustration+spot_0306-illustration_grey_03

The creative freedom this brief has allowed, has enabled a ‘house style‘ to evolve. While being non-specific, the illustrations represent new and modern homes in a fresh and clean style.

05 illustration drawn in Adobe Illustratordrawn in Adobe Illustrator

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